Google Penalty Recovery Service

Are you worrying as your website has been hit by Google Penalty? Are you experiencing, tremendous decrease in your website traffic? Or warnings in your Webmaster Tools Console due to unnatural links are disturbing your night’s sleep?

We can recover your website irrespective of your case!

Unnatural Links Warnings:

Google webspam team gives out manually such penalties. Recovery in such cases is highly possible, however, a lot of time, effort and right experience is needed for such Google penalty removal service. In such cases, recovery mechanism involves identification of unnatural links and then removing them. After all the links are removed, the progress has to be reported to Google in a reconsideration form. It is extremely important to find out which links need to be removed.

When you choose us, you can be rest assured that all your penalties will be taken care of properly!

Why Us?

The SEO consultants are best to advise you on how to recover from Google penalty. It is very important to understand the various penalties and updates harming your website. We save you from the following threats:

  • Google Panda
  • Unnatural Links Warning
  • Google Penguin
  • Anchor Text Over-Optimization
  • Link Devaluation
  • Exact Match Domains

Panda Recovery:

The updates of the Google Panda Algorithm are all about the quality of your website. Our SEO team can determine, if you website will be affected by Panda or not. If yes, then our manager shall discuss the steps of recovery that should to be taken to recover from Panda.

Don’t worry, your website is in safe hands, Contact us for free quote!

Penguin Recovery:

The updates on Penguin Recovery are about the quality of the back links. Due to poor or spam back link profile, most of the websites were hit by this update from Google. Most of the webmasters have difficulty in recognizing whether their back link profile is spammy or not.

For the recovery from such penalties, alteration or removal of bad links is required. It may also involve creation of new natural links and then wait for another Penguin refresh. In many cases, we have seen the use of Google disavow tool is also helpful. We have many other ways of recovering your site from Penguin penalties.

We give you a fair advice, Either to start a new site or get the recovery done on the old one itself.

How to Get Back On Top

If it is perceived by Google that some of the website’s inbound links are controlling or harmful probably, a warning of unnatural links will be received from the webmaster tools of Google. In such a case the process will be similar almost to the Penguin Solution of Google offered by Outsourcing Technologies but now experts of PageTraffic will lay more emphasis on removal of link then disaffirmation of the link just like Google will give more weightage to this. So the following measures will be adopted:

  • Analysis of links from up-to-dated link report of Google WMT, ahrefs, Majestic SEO.
  • Doing of a manual check on these links for distribution of anchor texts, dispensing of PR, IP check, link farms, etc.
  • Backlinks filtering out on the groundwork of subject, anchor text in use
  • A Links identification that require elimination
  • Being in touch with the webmasters on your behalf for elimination of these bad links
  • Thorough documentation of the endeavors
  • Formation of a file of disavow.txt for the urls/sites that are irremovable and putting forward the same
  • Inscription of a request for reconsideration to Google as well as contributing to the document so formed at the time of making an attempt of eliminations such that a more weightage is carried by their request.
  • Response to subsequent replies of Google and implementation of the changes (if any) as per the Google team query.