5 Common Myths about PPC Busted

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5 Common Myths about PPC Busted

Pay-per-click (PPC) is an essential component of digital marketing strategies. Apart from helping you increase your website traffic; it helps target your audience who are actively looking for your products and services.

PPC campaigns have gained significant popularity lately, which is why you can access a wealth of information regarding its best practices online. However, that doesn’t mean you should believe everything you read.

When technology shifts and times change, certain PPC practices can become outdated. And the last thing you would want is to follow obsolete PPC suggestions at your company’s expense.

But how do you separate fact from fiction? Fortunately, we are here to bust a few myths about PPC marketing. Let’s take a look at them.

PPC Campaigns Can Be Run on Autopilot

While we would like to believe that a PPC campaign on autopilot could get the work done, but it is far from the truth. In fact, it will end up costing you more money along with qualified leads.

Just like everything else in your life – the more effort you put into PPC, the better it works for you. It can be cumbersome to set up an effective PPC campaign, and this is where you can hire specialised PPC management services India. They can use their expertise in the field to formulate a PPC strategy that will derive the best results for your business.

Generic Keywords Are better for a Wider Reach

While using general industry keywords could help you in getting your ad across to a broader audience, it may not direct more qualified traffic your way. In truth, using too many generic keywords could end up depleting your budget without offering you the desired results.

Instead, you should rely on relevant keywords that your audience uses frequently, and you can expect a much better ROI.

PPC is Better As a Short-Term Strategy

Some businesses would like to believe that employing PPC only to promote limited-life offers and specific sales is a better idea, but that’s not the case. Using PPC as a short-term strategy can negatively affect your overall effectiveness.

Continually running ads yield a much higher ROI, and you could also use the data you collect to optimise your ads and retarget future campaigns.

Increase the PPC Budget Could Enhance Rankings Faster

Increasing your budget will definitely up the scales, but it isn’t everything. Other essential factors need to be considered for better rankings. They include –

  • Targeting
  • Extensions
  • Ad copy
  • Quality score

Quality score is very important because having a higher score can significantly enhance your rankings. Thus, it is possible to have an effective PPC campaign in place without breaking the bank.

PPC Campaigns Are Only for Google

One of the myths is that Google is the only search engine you should target in your PPC campaign. Google is undoubtedly the most extensively used search engine, but it isn’t the only search engine out there. Verizon’s Yahoo and Microsoft’s Google are search engines that many consumers use, and you should definitely explore them as well

Though they may not see as many searches, they are used by a significant number of online users. Hence, it would be impractical to ignore them. Interestingly, many advertisers report seeing better conversions in these search engines than Google because of lesser competition.

Closing Thoughts

The digital marketing industry is rapidly evolving, and it isn’t a surprise that there is a myriad of myths surrounding the best hacks, tips, and practices of PPC marketing.

It may not always be possible to stay current, which is why having a digital marketing company India for assistance would be the best call. With their technical know-how and experience, they can determine which PPC program will work best for your business.

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