5 Incredible Tips to Enhance Organic Search Rankings

5 Incredible Tips to Enhance Organic Search Rankings

All businesses desire to show up on the top of search results when consumers are searching for the service or product they are offering. On a daily basis, millions of people are turning to Yahoo, Bing, Google, and other search engines to find out what they are looking for.

Organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is today one of the most powerful online marketing strategies available to companies. But SEO must be done with care since, without the right ingredients, your SEO strategy may backfire. Search Engine Optimization takes lots of hard work and the right SEO strategy.

Following are some of the top tips for rankings high in organic search results

Identify Target Keywords

Your keyword research will determine whether your SEO efforts will succeed or fail. Some companies fail because they evaluate keywords on only search volume and they will just send useless traffic to your website. Your keywords must target specific customers. For example, the keyword “architecture firm” is less powerful than ‘architecture firm Dallas’.

High-Quality Content

SEO is not anymore just a website receiving the most number of backlinks. Today, the content is crucial, especially high-quality content. Poorly written, low-quality content does not rank high as it does not provide the user with useful experience. The objective of Google and other search engines is to deliver the best possible search results for users, and this is possible only with usable, high-quality content. One example is a ‘How to’ article which can help to rank high.

Video and Images

Both videos and images can help a website rank higher in search engines. They offer breaks in the monotony of content and thus improves SEO. When you use images, you can alter the ALT Tag and Image Title as per your theme. Another benefit is that search engines like Google will list images in their ‘image’ search category. Such images can attract users to the website. Providing a video with textual content gives a better experience to users, thus enhancing the SEO.


Websites can function without blogs, but they will miss out on the most powerful tool in SEO that is blogging. Blogging offers the capacity to target a broad subject area and cover narrow topics in this broad spectrum of content. Every blog post functions like a small traffic engine and helps garner more traffic. The different blog posts go to different corners of the internet and attract various kinds of users to your website. Blog posts also help to build up a community of your own. Blogging is used by most of the SEO companies in India.

Social Presence

There has been an explosion in social media, and there are no signs of it receding. Social media presence augurs much for organic SEO, and in case, you wish to get high rankings for your keywords, you must use social media like social bookmarking.

Sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and Pinterest provide much power to any webmaster seeking great SEO. When you share your blog posts across many social media sites, you gain the ability to improve SEO and increase social traffic. For instance, if someone likes your content, he or she can like it or share it across social media.

These are the major tips for gaining high rankings on search engines through an organic medium.

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