Best Ways to Promote your Business on Instagram

Best Ways to Promote your Business on Instagram

Do you have an account on Instagram? Are you wondering how to use images and videos to enhance your credibility and user experience? Have you ever considered creating a unique and striking content for your Instagram profile? The rule is fairly straightforward. If your business has the presence on Instagram but you haven’t solidified a strategy. This post is especially for you.

Show off your products/services:

Simply posting artistic photos for your Instagram followers provides you nothing. Take advantage of showing your product or service to the maximum people. It serves both your business and consumer objectives. Who is better than Nike to showing off their products.

Instagram MarketingShowcasing the company’s culture:

Post photos and videos that provide a glimpse of a day in the life at your organization. Share a post on some occasion, birthday party, festival, etc with your employees in the company. It does not only give a behind-the-scenes view of your organization, but it also increases the trust and loyalty in the consumer’s mind. It reflects the company’s culture in a positive way and shows how much your employees are valued for you.

Check out how Hootsuite did this.

Instagram Marketing Tips

Share inspirational and business related quotes:

People always search for a motivational, positive and related to specific business images. Use Instagram to post inspirational posts relevant to your mission statements.

Marketing Tips for Instagram
Show how your product made:

People are naturally intrigued by how your product come to be. That is the reason “how it’s made” shows are popular. Showcase the different phase of the production process through pictures and videos. It will be perfect if you show the longer process. The longer the process, more the content to showcase. Starbucks often shares videos of different coffee’s recipe.

Instagram Tips

Use business related hashtags:

Add hashtags in each picture you post. Hashtags related to your business help you reach your target audience in a quick and easy way. Whether you are at an event or location or promoting a new product, don’t forget to use hashtags. Following are some popular hashtags on Instagram

#instagood #instamood #beautiful #love #follow #bestoftheday #igdaily #picstitch  #motivation #igers #instadaily #tweegram #instagramhub followme #instagramhub #picoftheday #life

Network on Instagram:

Use social media listening to engage with your fan and followers. Like other photos and leave comments. Observe what is being said about your product or service. Follow your already established fan from other social media channels. Not only collect the followers, activate them. Mere double tap (i.e. a photo like) won’t work, you will have to engage with your followers  and reward them for participating.

The video is now in trend:

Instagram has recently increased the timing of video by 1 minute. It has given a serious competition to Vine. Post a video which is engaging, informative and entertain your audience.

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