Featured Snippets: Understand the Importance and Learn to Optimize


Featured Snippets: Understand the Importance and Learn to Optimize

Featured snippets have started to dominate the search results for many queries. Only a single featured snippet has the capacity to overpower the thousands of organic search results. Hence, it becomes important to optimize your pages accordingly.

But before we talk about the optimization tips, it is necessary that you understand this feature more effectively.

A glimpse of featured snippets

A featured snippet is a feature in the Google organic search results. This feature creates a summarized answer to a query and displays it at the top of the search result. Along with the summary, the snippet also includes the page title, URL, and link as well. The summary of the content can be in the form of a list, a paragraph or a table.

Why does it matter?

By providing the answers to the query, Google makes it easier for the searcher to get the solutions. However, the page loading speed doesn’t matter in this case. This is the reason why marketers focus on getting these top positions. These are also famous as the ‘position zero’ that allows the page to become more visible to the searchers.

How to optimize pages to get featured?

With the idea of getting positions like this, you can conduct following optimization tricks.

  1. Provide comprehensive and valuable content

The content marketing plays the most important role here. The simplicity of understanding, the availability of complete information and the usefulness of the content matter the most. If your content has the capacity to solve the query of the searcher in the most valuable manner, then, the chances of getting this position increase.

  1. Make the presentation of the content clear

The display of the content also matters. If you are getting a position zero, it is wise to ensure that the viewer feels compelled to click on the link. Hence, you should present your content in an effective manner. Try to give a systematic approach to the web pages you have in order to get a better view on the position zero.

  1. Focus on your informational content

It has been observed by the experts that the featured snippets usually appear in the informational queries. Hence, it would be wise if you create a list of all the informational pages on your website and work on the content to make it more appealing and understandable.

You can create bullet points, bold the important phrases and other systematic approaches can bring better results for you.

  1. Focus on mobile-friendly formatting

Your content should be easy for the mobile users to see the featured snippets. This way, you can generate greater visibility.

Google has always been eager to make the searches more efficient for the users. The featured snippets can prove to become a great help in providing answers to the users.

So, keep the given tips in mind and leverage the systematic content approach to achieve better chances of getting this position.

Hopefully, this blog has been helpful for you in understanding the importance of featured snippets.

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