Five reasons you must stop panicking about Google

stop panicking about Google

Five reasons you must stop panicking about Google

As SEOs, we are taking Google too seriously. It is high time that we stop, think and rethink. Because, Google is not what it was a few years back. The Google results that we all swore by are not the Holy Grail. We need to move forward and learn that Google is not the sole influencer of your business or website. When Google makes large scale changes, we all panic about the effects that it is going to have on our websites. Yes, it is important to know Google’s algorithm. But, it is not necessary to do a detailed study about it.

Earlier, when Matt Cutts was the Head of Web Spam, he did a great job by confirming all the updates. Each of the updates was given a name. This came in handy when you had problems with your own site. When you knew the problem, finding a solution is not a big deal. Likewise, when you knew the purpose of the update, you could diagnose your problem easily. But, now Google is not sharing such information. Official announcements are made only for big stuff.

Fred –

This is the name given to all the unidentified changes that Google doesn’t confirm but the SEOs notice.

Social media –

You can confirm the updates if you are in doubt on social media platforms such as twitter. This is one way of knowing what Google has done to its algorithms.

Better understanding of the Google algorithm –

Earlier Google had content and over-optimization algorithms, and link algorithms. It divided up most of its algorithm changes into on-page and off-page. However, the main focus was always on spam. The secret of Google’s success is its ability to remove irrelevant content from its search results pages. This was not possible by the other search engines which led to their decline.Now, Google not just uses these algorithms to avoid spam but also to provide better user experience to its clients.

Today, most of the algorithm updates by Google are for the following categories –

  • Link issues
  • User experience
  • Content quality
  • Technical problems

Link issues –

The algorithm that evaluates the links is the Penguin. It is considered as the harshest of all the algorithms. If your site has a link profile like a spam, Google not only devalues its links but also devalue your site.

User experience, technical problems and content quality –

Google has already provided us with the information of what makes a good site. If you study it, you will know what they think. And, you can create your website to make it as perfect to how they describe it as possible.

Here are the places where you can find the explanation of an ideal site given by Google –

  • Search engine optimization starter guide
  • Google quality raters guide
  • Google webmaster guidelines
  • Quality Rater’s Guide

When it comes to Google, instead of panicking, you must learn more about it to solve the problems that your site is facing. Read all the major algorithm updates to get an idea about the history of Google and its issue tackling ability. Do not fret about every Fred update. All Google wants to do is eliminate spam and reduced usability from their results. So, keep your site and its links in check and never violate the rules listed in the documents.



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