The Fundamentals of PPC and Beyond

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The Fundamentals of PPC and Beyond

For using PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising, you have to be firstly adept at the basics. After this, you must go beyond to the complexities.

Here are tips for both PPC fundamentals and beyond:

PPC Basics:

  1. Keyword strategy

Much has been written on keyword strategy. Yet many paid search accounts feature hundreds of wasteful keywords. Experts say that you don’t need to have numerous variations of your main keywords.  In its place, you need to focus on those that are truly compelling.

Consider what exactly is required by your target audience and what they might be searching for. Let it guide your initial selection of keywords. Also keep things tight; it is better to define your keywords too narrowly than too broadly.

If you begin narrowly, you can always expand later on. But if you start out broadly, you will end up wasting lots of money. Once your marketing campaign is launched, cut off keywords like crazy.

  1. Conversions

Tracking of conversions may be too technical for many and may be ignored. But conversions are an integral part of PPC. It helps you to know whether your PPC strategy is working. In case expenditure is crossing breakeven point for cost per conversion, you need to rethink your strategy.

Apart from breakeven point, you must be concerned about pre and post click strategy. Many AdWords users focus on the click and forget about what is needed before (keywords, offers, ad copy) and afterwards (landing pages).

  1. Triumvirate of landing pages, Ad copy and keywords

A properly run PPC account will have landing pages, Ad copy and Keywords which work in tandem. Everything needs to be relevant and must work together. Only then will you garner results.

Beyond the Basics of PPC

After mastering PPC basics, you may feel you have done all. This is not true. No PPC campaign gets maximum benefits with just the basics. Learn further from pay per click advertising India .You must include the following extra elements:

  • Ad Extensions

Not every ad extension is relevant to your business, but some are relevant to most accounts. These include: Callouts, Sitelinks, Call extensions, structured snippets. If you are in the retail business, you must include: price and promotion extensions and also affiliate location and your location extensions.

To handle all these extensions, you must consider the big picture. Create a road map that consists of all relevant extensions and also the ad message. This helps you view all aspects of your message. Using this approach, you can get rid of the chances of too much repetition.

  • Google Display Network

Novices of paid search are prone to neglecting GDN as they consider it too tough. Though GDN is tough, it is a must. This is because it is a better way to build up your brand at a lower cost compared to search clicks.

First, you must layer your options for GDN targeting. Next, you must make all available sizes of your display ads. Also, you must not neglect responsive ads.

Thus, you must not stop at the basics of PPC. Learn to go further and you will discover many opportunities

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