The future of Google is here: Google Lens!

The future of Google is here: Google Lens!

Google is heading towards the futuristic path and has recently introduced the exclusive Google Lens. This is an artificially intelligent feature that is all set to take the world by storm. Making your work of knowing and finding things easier, Google Lens is magnificent. Want to know more about this intriguing function? Well, here you go: –

1.Google was built on understanding web and text pages, but now it will understand images to help people. The core mission behind this is to have your own personalized Al software assistant that will examine the photos through your phone and complete tasks for you.

2.If you want to know species of animals, flowers or plants, you can just view it through your phone’s camera and that’s all! It will give you suggestions and the right name of every flower. How amazing is that!

3.You can just scan a network barcode, and it will automatically configure a tough WI-FI password that is complicated to read or type out.

4.You can just flash your camera on the streets at stores, hotels, restaurants and streets to get all the details about them. All you have to do is open your camera, be on that place physically and you will get all the information you need. This is a great tool for travelers and tourists to find out spots to eat at when roaming around.

5.You can avoid typing, speaking or search for anything on the phone when you don’t feel like. All you have to do is point your camera to something and get all the answers you have wanted. This is a great way of finishing work quicker and for people on the go, this will be a life saver.

6.When you walk down the street and want to know what a spot is called or the certain road is known as you have the option to turn to your camera for details. We usually spend tons of time clicking selfies and pictures which are why Google caught the right application for their new technology.

Googles Goggles have been out of the picture for a few years and not everyone wanted to purchase them. These lenses will be easier to use and can be updated in several devices by Google. Voice search was already falling back as sometimes, the equipment will not catch the right words and show results that do not match with what you wanted to see. The mastermind behind this idea stated that the idea is nothing new but just a unique concept to make surfing on your phone easier.

Google photos and the camera is one of the most used applications on most phones. The company did well in terms of targeting the perfect direction. Google Lens does not have a release date and as per the press junket, it is coming soon. Social media has gone abuzz about this new function that will soon hit the industry.

Google Lens is by far the most anticipated thing in this year!

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