Look who’s here – The Fred Update!

Google Fred Update

Look who’s here – The Fred Update!

Google loves to faster changes in the world of internet marketing services. This time it has affected many websites with its latest algorithm update that goes by the name “Fred”. Due to some of its unique characteristics, the webmasters got adversely affected as the rankings of sites dropped immensely and extensively. These sites had one thing in common and that was its low-quality profile. The Fred update penalizes all those content based websites which are flooded with ads for revenue generation. These ads driven websites hinder the user views and they fail to understand the products and services of the website.

Google Fred Update

 Fred Update not only takes care of spam tactics that are being practiced for the online marketing of websites but also it teaches a lesson to all those who are not abiding by the guidelines of the webmaster while optimizing the websites. In short, it is seemingly good for all the SEO agencies that are correctly practicing SEO and an alarming issue for them who are not practicing it in an authorized manner. Google is too precise regarding its algorithm update it makes and the latest Fred Update has mainly impacted those websites having low-quality contents and spam back-links. This is the reason why many website owners and digital marketing companies have seen drastic effects in their traffic and ranking.

It is necessary for a website to have quality content in order to keep the users intact and close to the website. Most of the websites are mainly concentrated in earning revenue and are even practicing affiliated marketing. There is hardly a sign of content on such websites and at times they even make use of bad links. Now, this is a serious issue and the Fred Update majorly handles such issues. If you have marked sudden adverse effects on the rankings of your website since 8th March 2017, then please be sure that Fred has taken an action against your website. The record says that more than 70 websites have been hit by this update and around 95{d42ed035d09044ad2333b84581a53f6de6fed4bef9c2b349640576d22f272e22} of the sites have faced problems as they were more inclined towards earning income by making extensive use of Ads.

To make a better understanding of how Fred Update affects your Website, please go through these points:

  • You might see an unusual activity of the disappearance and reappearance of the pages of your website.
  • It directly targets the quality of your links. So, you need to keep a check on that.
  • There might be a sudden increase in your traffic but at the time you might lose the rankings.
  • Keep a check on your important keywords as they might lose their vitality and disappear.
  • Keep a check on your analytics as the ranking of your website might suddenly get adversely affected.
  • The content quality has to be improved as Fred Update adversely affects the cheap quality content.
  • Spam back-links and bad links shall not be used it is removed by Fred Update.

For any issue or problem, there always exist a way out. Similarly, for the adverse impacts of Fred Update there exists a recovery program. You just need to remember few of these points:

  • You should immediately stop practicing the black hat SEO.
  • Put an end to all the false positive practices
  • Stop creating low and cheap quality contents. Contents are the basis of SEO so try to come up with high-quality content.
  • Put an emphasis on relevant contents and not on generating ad revenue as it would dump your website.
  • The usage of bad links and back-links shall be put to an end. It would destroy the significance of your website.
  • Start inputting relevant and informational content so that the user can find it as a solution to his/her requirement.

The Google Fred Update is there to put an end to all such malpractices that take place in the webmasters and affects the internet environment as well as causes discomfort for the users. Google guides you in a way where it helps to recover major issues and lead to best practices all over the web. This update would actually improve the path of the digital marketing world.

Do not forget to check the current health of your website. P.S.- Fred Update!

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