Google increases their home service ads to many markets!

Google increases their home service ads to many markets!

Google is taking the industry by storm and the unstoppable search engine has now expanded their home service ads to many more markets and business categories. Did you know that the home services ad is currently accessible to a wider audience of business types in the US markets!

Google has taken initiatives to invite businesses from Philadelphia in order to make them home services ads clients. All the businesses in the selected categories in the city will now have the facility to apply for the Home Services ads after the screening procedure.

Here is a list of the cities that are eligible for applying for the Home Services Ads-

1. Sacramento
2. San Francisco, Bay Area
3. Philadelphia
4. San Diego
5. Stockton
6. Los Angeles

Other than places, Google has also increased the business categories and the complete list now looks like this: –

1. Plumber
2. Locksmith
3. House cleaner
4. Contractor
5. Handyman
6. Painter
7. Electrician
8. General Contractor
9. Heating, Air conditioning and ventilation
10. Garage Door Pro
11. Roadside assistance services
12. Auto Glass services

Once you are a home services ad customer, there is not only a scope of having advertisements featured on the top of the SERPs, but also these ads have a ton of weightage to them. There is this sense of pride and prestige. The strict qualification procedure increases the trust in the company and makes it better for any business.

This service will send a message to all the searchers that Google thinks your business is a credible facility. Basically, it means that Google is recommending you and is giving you a boost! You will have to fill in a form to begin your process of making it to the home services ads customer list.


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