Google is up with its latest search update for all Art Lovers

Google is up with its latest search update for all Art Lovers

Google is now out with its latest update where its Search team has worked with its Art and Culture team to enhance the art related searches and build a new Street View feature for art museums. This is that one of the best updates of Google which is considered to be really good for all art-related searches.

The announcement says that both the team of Google i.e. the Search team and the Arts and Culture team tied knots to perk up the systems of understanding and recognizing artwork in order to offer pertinent results.

As written by the product manager Marzia Niccolai, “When you search an artist like Gustav Klimt, you’ll see an interactive Knowledge Panel that will highlight ways you can explore on a deeper level. Like seeing a collection of the artist’s works or even scrolling through the museums where you can view the paintings on the wall.”

Google posters that the search results will now include the information about the artwork and the artists, the in-depth knowledge of the type of materials used to create various pieces of art, the period when it was created and the current location of that particular piece. It even includes a new Street View feature that is more or less a virtual museum tour guide.

Niccolai has explained in his words,” Now as you walk through the rooms of the museums on Google Maps you’ll see clear and useful annotations on the wall next to each piece.” It is available on desktops and mobiles using Chrome, where the viewer can click on the annotations to get more information or to zoom into a high-resolution image.

Google confirms that in building the new Street View feature it has used visual recognition software to scan the walls of participating museums and have categorized more than 15,000 works of art.

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