How PPC Companies Manage Adwords

How PPC Companies Manage Adwords

We  believe that once the PPC has begun then achieving success is just a process. For example, an ad which drives better results by a well converting landing page or the effect of excellent ad copy.

It’s not beginning that matters, but the process which should be good and effective- and here’s why.

Process means you check and improve your campaign day after day, week after week, in fact over and over again. It seems a little thing you do, but make the big things happen. Every small {d42ed035d09044ad2333b84581a53f6de6fed4bef9c2b349640576d22f272e22} change, every small tweak, leads to lower Cost Per Acquisition and better campaign stats. I think that’s how every PPC company should think.

Understanding the PPC campaign:

If you don’t do it well, setting up a PPC campaign is time-consuming. If done well, then it’s not just about finding the right keywords and does require a lot of efforts from the clients.

Or if you are a Google Adwords specialist or an agency outsourcing PPC, then, it is your input.

Simply setting up a PPC campaign will not gain anything, better to understand it such as the products and their relative value, business goals and objectives and the language the business uses. Understand the marketing goals for the next 12 months and how your strategy is going to achieve that.

Yes, being a digital marketing agency who understands the market scenario and marketing principles is one of your biggest USPs. The points which should be notified.

Google Adwords

  • Obviously, keyword research
  • Initial understanding of objectives
  • Background research about the company, products, competitors.

Building a PPC campaign:

This part of the process is a fun part, also known as the building campaign. It’s very important to build campaigns that can satisfy business and client needs.

For example, if you sell textile goods, and you have lots of shirts to sell, you may put your PPC budget into selling those or if you have overstocked on shirts, your budget may be funneled into that product.

Well, most of the clients have a specific target for PPC campaigns – but it’s vital to have that flexibility built –in

Google Adwords Management

  • Creatively develop campaign structure & ad groups
  • Analyze campaign & discuss the tone of voice & CTAs.
  • Set up AdWords
  • Final review before launch
  • Launching

Every Day PPC Management:

If you have the misconception that launching a PPC campaign will make everything fine, then it’s time to wake up. How often should you check your PPC performance? What I believe, you should check on a daily basis. I am giving more emphasis on this because if you do so, you are mentally and enthusiastically invested into the campaign and its success. Even, if your management cost is low, it’s the responsibility of your current agency to give your campaign the attention in deserving. I prefer to submit your project to the hand which follow every rule and potentially manage your campaign.If your provider agency isn’t doing that already, it might be the right time to think about switching.

Adwords Management

  • Check spends
  • Check average positions and adjust bids accordingly
  • Monitor conversion rates

Weekly PPC Management:

Checking Google Adwords PPC management daily is great, but more love is indeed.

PPC companies should see and manage the client’s campaign on a weekly basis. Things like reviewing the running ads, updating negative keywords and adding new ads. All those things that improve ad campaign by little percentage – leading to the overall success over time.

Adwords Management

  • Proper analysis of average positions and adjust bids accordingly
  • Review and check ads. If they are not working , then stop.
  • Create new ads every week
  • Look for new negative keywords
  • Check keywords based on cost per conversion and relevance
  • Add in new long-tail keywords

Monthly PPC management:

No doubt daily and weekly management are very significant to run a campaign smoothly and improve things but monthly review allows a PPC agency to look bigger picture.

Which campaigns are running well and which are not? Which ad groups are not performing as well as we’d expect? Could more clicks on the ad campaign help convert more customers? These are the questions you should ask at the end of the month. Following is the list of suggestions, if you apply those then definitely your ad campaign  performance will improve eventually.

PPC Management

  • Run a full audit of Adwords: see what’s working and what isn’t
  • Adjust PPC budgets accordingly
  • Check monthly budget is being spent
  • Run reports on impression share, keywords, and ad performance
  • Diagnosing poor-performing campaigns and ad groups
  • Feed this information back to clients for changes
  • Review landing pages of ads and see if any copy, layout, images or contact forms can be updated to improve conversion performance
  • Create reports for clients.

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