How to Develop a Social Media Content Strategy

How to Develop a Social Media Content Strategy

A good content should be at the core of any social media strategy. Social media is one of the most important tools at a brand’s disposal. It has the power to transform your product into a brand. On one hand, it is an open platform to meet millions of people and showcase your products. But on the other, it is a platform full of the constant clutter of the outside world. It becomes the primary source of engagement, messages, show off, news, etc. Without a good, smart, fun and relevant content, social media is of no use. If social media is gasoline, content is a fire. In order to light up your business, you will have to develop a social media content strategy which fulfills your goal and objectives which also reflects your brand and give people a reason to stay engaged. The trick is to build a loyalty in consumer’s minds with the help of great content so that they are compelled to become your fan.

For this very reason, it is significant to build a content strategy into your social media campaign. Without a social media content strategy, you are like a traveler, having no destination. You risk losing your audience. They will ignore you. Who wants that?

The Power Of Content

A good content plays a vital role in any business success. It is what you offer to your fans for engaging, educating and entertaining. Also in return of support and interest from the followers. Social media content is not just only build brand equity, but show the world your power. It builds a brand not only in your thoughts, but in reality.

Following are the ten unstoppable social media content strategy

Establish your audience:

Why would somebody like and follow you on different social media platform? Do you ever think about it? It is for the reason that your brand offers them something they are really looking for. But who the audience is and what they want?  These are the questions that need answers while deciding social media content strategy.

Create a post at your niche on different social media channels. Make sure your content provides information according to the customer’s needs, wants and preferences. Target your audience as per your business demands. For example:- if you are protein supplement company and you are putting out some content about new fashion and style, you are not reaching anyone. Rather you should go for some exercise, protein chart, food having protein  kind of contents.

Develop a content calendar:

In order to decide which platform you want to go for and who you are writing for, you should have a good idea of what content to plan for. Content calendar helps in organizing your day to day content. Here are some ideas you can use in your social media content calendar:

  • Monthly holidays (including unofficial holidays)
  • Big entertaining or business events
  • Festivals and different themes for different days.
  • Your company plans and events (birthdays, anniversaries, company trips, etc)

Variety and quality contents:

Nobody wants to read the boring content. It should be natural. It should be like a kiss (keep it simple and short) Always make sure that your content educates, entertains and empowers your fans/followers to keep them engaged and coming back for more.

Following are the different methods to post content:-

Advertisement appeals:

Use different advertisement appeals to showcase your creativity

  1. i) Funniest post: Add a jovial appeal in your post eg: social media memes, funny picture related to your products or service.
  2. ii) Emotional appeal: Add emotional appeal to your post to build a trust. Emotion sells and encourages readers to share.

E.g.:  – Share any post how digital technology important in the modern era.

–    How technology made our life easy. (Social media connects people each other which was very difficult in the past)

–    The sarcastic appeal, humor appeal etc.

Share indoor pictures:

Share a picture of the organization employee and activities that are happening in recent time. (It can be picture of birthday, trip, party, work)

  • A picture should be of good HD quality with the proper brand name and logo of the company (It showcases the professionalism of the company)
  • Social media video is now in trend: So it becomes important for you to update with time. Share video related to your business or indoor company video.You can create a YouTube channel for this.
  • Share Motivational quotes, facts, innovation, news related to your products or service.
  • Share blog, article r related to your business.
  • Showcase your USP (why people choose you)

Help user to find your content with hashtags:

Hashtag is the keyword to success in social media channels. Hashtags help your content to be recognized by the people on social media channels. Following are the reasons why hashtags are important for brand promotion:-

  • Hashtags help to promote your brand across many social media platforms.
  • You can track a hashtags across all the major social channel and filter them individually.
  • You can target your content through hashtags. People search for a particular content using hashtags. You can use hashtags according to your target audience so people will find you easily.
  • Because they’re so simple, flexible, and ubiquitous, more business is coming up with their own hashtags. It is helpful in social media campaigns.

Share content with infographics:

Infographics are defined as graphic representations of data or knowledge and information intended to present complex information clearly and quickly. Infographic has several benefits. It is most commonly shared than any other content on Twitter and Facebook. It is easy to consume, share and understand. Marketers love infographics because it showcases any topic in detail in a short and easy way.

Be consistent:

social media demands consistency in content publishing in order to get more followers and fans. Post more frequently, so your followers have always something  to watch out for. Chances are that the businesses who post more frequently get more followers and traffic.

Know your time:

create a calendar that spells out when you are going to address your audience. You have to decide how many posts should be posted in one day. What should be the time? Make sure it is relevant to your target audience. It should also have elevance to the needs, season, trends etc. Post when your audience is more engaging and busy on the internet. Nobody cares about cold drinks in winter, but a lot of people care about the cold drink in summer.

Make your website mobile friendly:

with the increasing competition and development in mobile phones in recent times, the majority of the people use mobile for the social media use. Your social media strategy success depends on the fact that your website must be mobile friendly. Any website that takes more than 4 seconds to begin loading is a failed website because it can’t retain the visitor’s interest.

Update with time:

update yourself with the time. Your post should not be based on generally done or believed, use a modern method of posting. Post according to the changes and updating in social media channels, For example, Facebook releases online video streaming, Instagram increases the time limit for the video to 1 minute etc.

Be true:

Good content isn’t fake and it doesn’t make promises that it can’t keep. It’s true and honest. It has a personality. It’s inherently social. That’s why it engages us. That’s why we follow or like your brand.  Serve quality, realism and great content.

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