Important Trends to Look For in 2019 for Paid Search

Important Trends to Look For in 2019 for Paid Search

2019 has been an exciting year for the pay per click marketer. The advertising platforms have seen a great evolution recently, and most of the marketers are evolving with them as well. Also, the device use has shifted towards mobile from the voice search devices. The video ads are trending everywhere. It might seem a bit overwhelming with so many changes, but you need to keep up with the changes.

Today, we will look at some of the best-paid search trends for 2019 as picked by expert PPC Company in the USA:

• Move from keywords to audience

This is one of the significant predictions by experts. Keywords are almost dead in the sense that they can’t be your primary targeting method; otherwise, you will be left behind in the competition. 2018 saw audience targeting take over the keyword targeting. The trend is here to stay for long. More and more marketers will begin to think of the audience first, and Google is expected to improve its audience targeting.

• Artificial learning and machine learning

Machine learning and automation had a great impact on pay per click during the past year. Automation is expected by every expert in the market. What began with automate bids and budgets went on to dynamic search ads, better attribution capabilities, and other features roll out in 2018. Marketers will now have a new set of tools to work with. Even with automation, marketers will need to step in and think creatively and strategically and do things that machine doesn’t do.

• Video Ads will rule in 2019 as well

It has been estimated that video ads will be used more often and will account for 80{d42ed035d09044ad2333b84581a53f6de6fed4bef9c2b349640576d22f272e22} of Internet traffic by 2019. Videos were there in the market, but its time has come now! The popularity of video advertising is increasing quite steadily, and since, they can be used on social platforms, they give an opportunity to reach to a wide base of audience.

• Marketers may need to shift their focus

2019 is going to be the year where marketers will have to adjust their daily tasks. They won’t have to care about bid management and spend time running basic ad split-tests and adjusting budgets. But they can spend time on understanding the needs of the clients and learn about their target audience. This will enable them to invest time in creating customized ad creative and make a valuable contribution to their clients.

• Text Ads are here to stay in 2019

The text ads may seem old school with all the new technologies around, and it might seem these text ads can’t compete. But as per the marketers, text ads are one of the most effective types of ad. While others types of voice and video ad formats look attractive, the text ads won’t go anywhere.

• Mobile use will increase

Mobile usage has increased year by year, and it will continue to grow. The marketers will have to look for ways to optimize ads for different mobile devices.

These are some of the significant trends that marketers can expect to rule in 2019. And it’s up to the marketers to make the most out of them.

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