Why Your Inbound Links are not Improving Organic Search Rankings?

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Why Your Inbound Links are not Improving Organic Search Rankings?

The importance of inbound links should not a news to you. Every SEO expert and experienced website owner understand how the link building can empower the digital strategies. However, even with the relevant and natural links, it is not possible to achieve the desired organic rankings increase.

Why is that?

There are four main reasons why this happens and this post helps you understand each one of them.

  1. When The Inbound Links Lead To Low-Quality Content Pages

Not only the number of links but the quality of the content matters. Google ranking factors depend on the quality of the content in the linked pages. If the content is not able to satisfy the audiences with its quality, then, you can’t expect a ranking boost.

Factors such as accuracy, uniqueness, search friendliness and others should be there to make the pages qualified in terms of content marketing. Also, it is extremely important that the links are valuable to the target audiences you have. Otherwise, it will send negative impressions to Google about your page. The increased bounce rate will further lower the rankings.

  1. You Have Links From Low-Quality Platforms

When Google sees a link to your page, it examines the quality of the website as well. The website with no authoritativeness, minor relevance, and low trustworthiness can have a bad impression on your pages. In fact, Google also looks whether the website is linked by other quality sites or not. All this information helps the search engine to evaluate the site where you get links from.

You need to look for highly authoritative platform while gaining genuine links. Only then, you can expect the ranking improvements. Otherwise, it might not affect the rankings, or in the worst case scenario, can lower the rankings as well.

  1. When You Build Artificial Links

Google algorithms are smart enough to identify the artificial links from the genuine ones. This becomes possible due to the data that Google collects about the websites. This way, Google keeps on monitoring the link consistency. If a sudden increase happens, then, this sends a red flag to Google.

You should always work on the content quality and genuine efforts in order to get valuable links. The paid ones and other wrong tactics can decrease your ROI.

  1. When You Have SEO Smart Competitors

Your SEO efforts always stay in a comparative state. Hence, you need to be ahead of the competitors. Having good links is not enough if the links are not better than the competitors’. This is the reason why smart SEO experts regularly evaluate their inbound links along with the competitors’.

With the evaluation, you can learn about the industry effectively, focus on finding the valuable link providers and even create a better strategy than your competitors.

Building strong link profile is extremely important. But, the genuine nature and the quality of the links are more important if you desire ranking improvements.

So, keep these reasons in mind and make a few changes to make the inbound links useful.

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