Introduction of a New Character Limit by Twitter

Introduction of a New Character Limit by Twitter

If you are interested in online marketing of your business, then you will be happy with the introduction of a new character limit by Twitter. For a very long time 140 characters have efficiently defined the social media platform.

There will be a lot of times when you will feel that the limit has significantly dropped when you are trying to add a link or photo. It goes down from 140 characters into an insufficient 116. Well, to many this may appear to be insignificant. But the real difference will arise when you try to include a link or on-brand image to the landing page.

Recently Twitter has announced that a new model will be introduced where links and images will not be significant against the length of your Tweet. So you can stay assured of one thing that you will be getting 140 characters anyway. Such Effective Social Media Marketing strategies will allow you to show off the professional image of your brand in a big way.

What will be the impact on content marketing?

At the first glance the additional writing space may not appear to be of much importance. But this could actually turn out to be a blessing in disguise for Social Media Marketing for Small Business. When you get the extra space you get the perfect opportunity to describe the story of your brand with attractive images. This will eventually help in retaining and attracting a greater number of users.

It is a well established fact that images play a crucial role in the enhanced user engagement. When a viewer goes to the timeline and comes across an attractive looking coloured image, then the chances are that he/she will pay complete attention to the message and stops scrolling.

Thus, your message will efficiently stand out.

So it can be rightly said that when the viewers are planning to buy something in particular they know exactly where to look. Social Media Marketing Specialists pays due attention to the fact that pictures are important. These make sure that the viewers are able to remember the vital information for a longer time period. If the user comes across a good Tweet regarding your products then the chances are that the memory might fade away over the period of time. On the other hand, a beautiful visual makes sure that they convert.

With all the changes and 140 characters you get the perfect opportunity to come up with a compelling write up for inspiring your audience so that they click on the link.