Latest Social Media Changes That Can Evolve Your Marketing

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Latest Social Media Changes That Can Evolve Your Marketing

The social media platforms keep on changing and getting better. This change allows the marketers to evolve their strategies and leverage the new updates provided by the platforms.

The social media marketing in India requires a constant analysis of the trends in order to stay ahead in the highly competitive market. So, check out the following changes on multiple platforms that can help you evolve your marketing strategy.

The Instagram stories has gone location focused

The stories of the Instagram are an amazing tool for the marketers. However, the platform has decided to further improve the effectiveness of the stories. The hashtag stories on Instagram are becoming location relevant. With this new trend, the businesses can offer their stories for the location specific audience groups.

The Pinterest has introduced the autoplay format in the promoted videos

After Facebook, Pinterest has also introduced the autoplay mode on the promoted videos. Now, the scrolling immediately starts the video, which is a great advantage for the business who want to promote their businesses on the platform. The video promotion can get much more views and response with this feature. Hence, you should start planning your Pinterest strategy again, keeping this feature in mind.

Instagram offers a chance to keep the posts archived

The “Archive” feature on the Instagram is ready to help you manage your posts. Now, you can keep your posts and hide them from the viewers at the same time. With this, it will become much easier to manage the posts categorically. No need to delete any post.

Twitter offers direct message card

To make the advertising much more effective for the businesses, Twitter has a new feature called direct message card. This feature allows the businesses to create a specially designed ad that allows the user to click for the automated reply. The advertisers can leverage this feature to achieve better marketing results on Twitter.

Facebook’s new live feature

The live feature of Facebook has gained a lot of popularity among the businesses. Now, the ability to have live chat during the broadcast has made the feature more personal. The marketers can leverage this feature to broadcast interviews and answer the questions asked by the social media followers to increase the engagement at the same time.

Instagram is letting you show the website link in DMs

This new update allows the businesses to show their official website link in the DMs, which comes as an auto-preview. For the businesses, it makes things easier, as they don’t have to now redirect the audience to the bio of the account.

So, these are the most exciting changes that you should not miss as a marketer or a business owner. The social media optimization agencies in India can help you leverage these opportunities effectively. Hence, it would be wise to consult the professionals can re-establish your strategy towards the social media in order to grab the chance to achieve better returns on your investments.

Hopefully, this information will help you in your marketing procedures.

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