Learn Tricks of PPC from a Pay-Per-Click Advertising Agency

Learn Tricks of PPC from a Pay-Per-Click Advertising Agency

Whilst you are on pay-per-click advertising, possibly you have visited the dashboard of Google AdWords. This sounds overwhelming quite a lot. Many categories and functions are around. It can take hours to sit down and slog through the whole thing immediately, and just you don’t have that time to utilize.

In order to be assisted in the optimization of your PPC operations along with making good use of your time by pay per click management India, there are quick and easy tips that have been put together. Each of them is not going to take beyond 15 minutes to accomplish. That has the implication that a little can be done now, followed by doing a little later, and beginning to eyeing on the results from your paid advertising.

Quick and Easy Tips for PPC Optimization

Opt for Some Ad Extensions that are Useful

Eight diverse extensions are offered by Google and are evenly laid down by the best PPC Company in Chandigarh that is capable of boosting the performance of your ad:

Sitelinks: Additional site links are added for you to opt to an ad whilst being served.

sitelink extension

Location: Your address and  Google Maps location are added to the bottom of your ad. In this clickable location, your business can be easily found by mobile searchers.

location extension

Call: A special phone number is added by the call extension to your ad that, when clicked upon, AdWords can track the call. Though the call cannot be recorded, but you will be given time, duration, date, and other general tracking info provided by your ads. This way you can directly trace a sale back to your ad – which implies concrete, reportable ROI.

call extension

App: App extensions are just applicable to companies with their own apps. You are allowed to directly relate your company’s ad to your app.

app extension

Review: With the help of review extension, you can directly add a review to your ad. This social proof, if provisional, has proven time and again to enhance clicks and conversions.


Callout: Quick blurbs of text can be added by Callout extensions towards promotion of your unique offerings. Inclusions in common callouts are free shipping, quick delivery, free returns, and other features.

call out extension

Structured Snippet: You can identify the diverse types of offerings by structured snippets that are most relevant to your ad. If you are in the advertisement of the tool and die to manufacture, you might be on the listing of the diverse metals you can form. If you are on the advertisement of windows, since the company is below, you may be on the listing of the styles of windows offered by you.

Automated Extensions Report: The performance of your automated extensions is shown by this report. Formerly, the data could not be seen for such automated extensions.

It is recommended to commence with just one extension of PPC tricks at a single time, so you can keep an eye on the performance and be accustomed to each extension. A single extension when added and optimized is not going to take more than 15 minutes.

Other Tips

1. Be on the look for the free PPC Grader by WordStream

2. Make addition of negative access words

3. Test your landing pages by means of A/B test

4. Low performing keywords ought to be paused

5. Keep a frequent eye on your AdWords account!

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