New Facebook Marketing Tips That You Must Use This Year

New Facebook Marketing Tips That You Must Use This Year

Facebook is no longer the social media site that people used to share their pictures with their friends. Today Facebook is thirteen years old and like every teenager, even Facebook is looking for new horizons. This social media platform has become a business platform, especially for small scale industries. People are making use of the free platform to promote their business and products. Why do you have to lag behind when it comes to media marketing with Facebook?

Here are a few ways in which you can do social media marketing through Facebook.

Videos –

Videos are the most uploaded posts on Facebook. The reach is very high and Facebook is giving tough competition to YouTube in the videos department. You can make use of this fact by starting a Facebook video marketing strategy. You will have a huge reach and large number of clicks if you make a promotional video for your business. Make it short, crisp and fun. People are surely going to like and share your video if its impressive.

It is not necessary that you need to hire professional film makers to create a video. Just take your smart phone, shoot something that promotes your business, add an interesting title and share it on your personal account as well as the company’s page. In no time, your video will reach places that you wouldn’t have imagined.

Also, when you create a video, you must make sure that you add captions to it. Most of the people browsing Facebook do it without the sound on. So, your video must convey the message even when it is watched in mute mode. Hence, do not forget to caption your video.

The newest trend is going live on Facebook. Everyone is going live on Facebook. You too can go live and answer the queries of prospective customers on live mode.

Re-target –

One of the most successful forms of online marketing is through retargeting. If you have a business and own your website, you must retarget to it so that you can bring in more traffic to your website. People may visit your website and may not come back because of various reasons. One of the main reasons is that they may forget your website. It is time to remind them that you exist. So, retarget the people who had clicked on your website in the past. Facebook has applications that help you retarget your audience, and you can get them through Social media marketing company in India.

Responsive –

Being active on your Facebook account is all it takes to keep in touch with your trusted customers. Every time there is a query and a reply to it, the time of both is seen on your page. So, it becomes very important to reply as soon as you can. This will show your interests towards the prospective consumers and their doubts. With instant response, people get satisfied and would love to be your clients.

These are some aspects that you can use in your Facebook marketing campaign this year.

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