How to Optimize SEO for Your E-Commerce Store?

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How to Optimize SEO for Your E-Commerce Store?

Trying to sell online, without any SEO strategy, means retailing products in a remote, unlit store. As a merchant, you cannot make a sale as buyers cannot locate you.

SEO is fundamental to drive more and more customers to your online store. There is a false belief that SEO is dead as search engines have changed their working algorithms. The fact is, SEO is not dead, just changing.

Retailers, who face intense competition, need to conduct a stronger keyword search, include keywords in their store and get adapted to changing search engine rules in order to gain greater visibility for their store. Professional SEO services can help you in this.

Working of SEO

SEO generates traffic to your website by allowing search engines to know what your store consists of- your services, products, key customers and mission of your business. Search engines make an interpretation of keywords included in the store to determine if your store is a relevant search result and content of your site.

In the early days, it was enough for websites to incorporate links and keywords in order to drive traffic to their site. There was not much competition among websites for figuring on search results pages because of keywords that were frequently searched.

Nowadays, SEO is not that simple because search engines punish the old practice of stuffing of keywords. Search engines now know that keyword stuffing is no longer useful for customers, hence now they focus on more useful, relevant applications of keywords as criteria for page rankings results.

But despite complex algorithms of search engines, even now SEO can be utilized to drive traffic to your store using right groundwork. Following steps help pave a robust path to SEO strategy for your online store:

Brainstorming of Keyword Ideas

As a start, list out all keywords which you think might be used by consumers to search for finding your site. But there is no pressure to perfect your list at this stage. Surely, you will be refining it a later stage.

Brainstorm on keywords by considering what will attract customers to your store. Phrases and words must describe your service and product and highlight what makes them unique. If you find this tough, just make keywords which provide short answers to following questions-

  • What is unique about my service or product?
  • What are problems that can be solved by my service/product?
  • What are physical characteristics of my product (material/colour)?
  • Who will use them?

Tools for Improving Keyword List

Your list of brainstormed keywords is useless unless you check whether your ideas are really phrases which are frequently searched. Thankfully, there are many tools out there which reveal competitiveness or difficulty of keywords. In the ideal case, you will desire to find keywords, which have high search volumes and less difficult to drive traffic to your website.

Tools include:

  • Keyword planner of Google: First, you must set up a Google AdWords account. Using this, Keyword planner reveals average search volumes of keywords by time frame.
  • SEMRush: This tool provides multiple plans with monthly fees. It also shows a total number of results with the keyword.
  • Ahrefs: This is a paid tool used mainly for researching backlinks, but its tool of Keyword Explorer can be used for checking ideas for keywords.
  • Moz: This is also a paid tool which has an easy to navigate and read dashboard.

All these tools are beneficial, so you can choose any that suits your needs and budget.

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