Why Should You Overhaul Your SEO Strategy?

Why Should You Overhaul Your SEO Strategy?

Sometimes, no matter how many strategies you use, your website will not be getting the traffic that you expect. And at times, it also happens that your website will get traffic but will fail in converting that traffic into customers. The reason may be that you are not getting the right audience. What causes the failure of SEO strategy? May be you do not have a good strategy to begin with. If you have an out-dated SEO strategy, then it is expected that you will not reap any results from it.

Like any other business strategies, SEO strategies too evolve along with time. They must be updated according to technology and the changes.

Here are some reasons why your SEO strategy must be changed and updated once in a while –

Out-dated content –

Keyword density is no longer as important as it was a few years back. There are other important things in content marketing today. So, keyword stuffing is not useful and it will just make the content look like it is a spam. Content must be relevant and genuine. Users should find it handy for them.

Paid link –

Earlier, anchor text links directed towards your page from high PR URLs were enough to get you some top rankings. But today, it is not the only thing that your ranking relays on. You cannot take shortcuts in link building. It is better to shift your attention to relevant links and high quality.

Title tag –

It is not necessary that your title have your keywords. There are pages ranking high for keywords which do not even appear in the title.

Press releases –

One of the most used SEO practices is the press release. Meaningless press releases are equal to doing nothing. They will have a negative effect on your page instead of doing any good. Your press release should have only genuine and important event.

Automation –

Auto-generated content is rampant in these days. As Google is interested only in quality search results, it considers spun content garbage. Especially for smaller businesses, original content is the key for success.

Thin content –

Writing 300 or 500 word articles to be ranked high is so yesterday. Today, everything is crisp. People think long content as a waste of time. It is just a negative point in your page. Also, it will cost you more time and efforts. Why waste the time when you can write what is necessary in simple and lesser words.

But, there are also times when longer blogs have attracted more rankings. Blogs as long as 2000 words are in the spotlight. Either it is too small or too big content that is getting attention, never the middle one. Long format content is getting maximum visibility on all the search engines. To check that, just type a word and look into the search results, you will get to know what kind of content gets ranked.

As search algorithms keep changing always, it is advisable to keep updating your approach towards SEO too. Therefore, we at Outsourcing Technologies, one of the leading SEO Companies in USA and India, are trying new tactics every day to help small companies rank high.

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