Reasons for Unsuitability of Micro sites for SEO


Reasons for Unsuitability of Micro sites for SEO

One currently debated an issue is whether to use or not use micro sites for the sake of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

On one side, micro sites allow companies to divide information as well as to keep a focus on a single topic for one site. For example, it is not unusual for a company that conducts conferences to utilize a separate website for information and registration, apart from the main website. Another example is a car dealership which desires a distinct website for sake of all locations of the dealership.

Many advantages are there for having distinct sites from the perspective of a brand. But also, there are many reasons why divining your website into many micro sites are not a good idea. This information is valuable for SEO company and other places as possible SEO issues may emerge from creating micro sites such as the following:

Inbound Links

From the time of the original algorithm patent of Google, the vital ranking factor has been inbound links. In case of clients having multiple micro sites carrying the same information, it is advised by experts that they avoid micro sites as there will be severing and dilution of the value of inbound links. Like the quality and quantity of links to a single page is vital, overall quality and quantity of links for the domain are also crucial.

When there is the separation of sites, they work as two distinct websites, basically competing with each other in search engine rankings. In case they are united to one site, the two will work together in search engine results.

In case of one site, there may be several inbound links, pointing to the single domain in contrast to separating these links over multiple domains.Against this background, the single site performs in a better fashion for SEO, ultimately.

Site Authority

It is difficult to identify how site authority is perceived by Google or any search engine. But the fact remains that Google emphasizes and searches for content in a similar way to determine authority.

For instance, if one has written two blogs on visiting Paris and caring for cats, the two contents are vastly different. In this case, each of the topics can be viewed as the separate authority.

Suppose topics are on dog nutrition and cat nutrition, it is better these two topics are combined as Google can regard it a the authority on pet nutrition.

Duplicate Content

Suppose your restaurant business has outlets in various locations, each having its separate website. In case, one of the outlets posts an article on good nutrition. You may desire to share the information on all the websites. But this way, there is the danger that you may create duplication of content accidentally, particularly if web masters at each of the sites are not coordinating well.

In case, you opt to have micro sites, when you share content on your websites, make sure that content creator must get full credit for SEO and other sites do not unknowingly make duplicate content.

Tracking of Analytics

It is technically possible to track traffic throughout multiple domains. But this less than perfect and causes complexity in setting up in the field of Google Analytics.

The scenario of separate websites in the same business causes loss of the vast amount of information when visitors to sites move from one to another. As per Google Analytics, it seems like visitor has moved from a particular company or website to yet another.

These are some facts about the impact of creating micro sites on SEO.

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