Tips to Improve Your PPC Reporting

Tips to Improve Your PPC Reporting

Pay Per Click (PPC)is a digital marketing practice which charges the company only when someone clicks on their search engine ads. Or so it used to be. Today, PPC marketing is more than search engines. PPC campaigns are run across various channels. When you have a PPC campaign, you will also have to do a reporting of how well your PPC Campaign is working and how much it is benefiting your business.

When is your PPC reporting not proper?

Similar words are used for different things –

You must know that the language used in different platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter is totally different. The attribution models, user data tracking and definitions of PPC are different. You cannot use the same keywords in all the platforms.

Relying entirely on baseline metrics –

Though the click-through rates might have increased, you will not necessarily know why or how. So, you will have to dig deeper to find out how your campaign worked or failed.

How to build better PPC reports?

Your PPC reports should provide takeaways that will optimize your campaign and help your business. They are a mirror to your efforts to bring in more clicks to your site. Here are some ways by which you can create a better PPC report –

Track conversions by channels –

Have a determined baseline. It is important that you establish KPIs that are platform specific. This way, you will be able to determine your success in each specific channel. You will know where you are getting more attention and where your success is the least. This will help you analyse and come up with better ideas to perform well in the platforms where you have failed.

Track well –

You must track everything in order to know your customers well. Whether it is the abnormal bounce rate, reduced clicks, or high number of clicks, you must set up an event tracking system so that you know about any changes in your site before it is too late. Understanding your on-site behaviour will help you create custom metrics.

Monitor by segment –

Every viewer visits your site with a different motive. So, you must know whom to target so your ads will be received well. Identifythe important audience groups and segment them into targets.

Landing pages –

Your PPC reports must be used to better your landing pages. Customize your landing pages so that it meets the needs of all your important audience. Link your search queries to your landing page and see how profitable it is. Sync your ads to your landing pages to give your users a smooth experience and also increase conversions. Strong landing pages will improve PPC performance because they increase page relevance and Quality Score. This will lower your CPC and also increase your ad rankings. Users will only receive relevant information related to their search.

Finally, it is not enough if you just add the conversions and KPIs into your report. You must use these reports to make positive changes in your business. Landing pages should lead to higher conversion rates.

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