Top 3 Reasons to Invest In Marketing via LinkedIn

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Top 3 Reasons to Invest In Marketing via LinkedIn

One among billion dollar deals that shook the world was when Microsoft acquired LinkedIn in recent times. It is a good fit as bulk of user base of LinkedIn is primary audience of Microsoft. This provides them access to an amazing quantum of data as well as direct connections to persons with who they want to change into long term customers.

There are several reasons why even the best internet marketing company in USA want to join LinkedIn, but top three are:

  • Discover relationships with customers:

In order to go into detail about your customers, LinkedIn enables you to consider relationships with current clients, potential clients and their contacts such as supplier and vendor networks.


Explore your connections and consider persons with whom they are connected. Conduct a review of their profiles and focus on groups they have joined. Take note of relevant groups and begin to join.


Gaining access to connections via their LinkedIn profiles provides insight into superior methods of engagement and also reveals some other opportunities for connection. By joining more groups, you will gain entry to more channels to engage segments of prospective audience. You will have more places with which to share your content.

  • Make content visible:

Sponsored updates of LinkedIn are some of the best ways to place content in front of an audience which is highly targeted. In order to build-up credibility among existing connections and prospects, one can make use of the tool of Sponsored Updates for targeting a very narrow audience.


First, you must make high value content for your blog or other channels. Then you can share this with your LinkedIn feed as well as promote such posts via ad platform of LinkedIn. You must not stop with paid promotion; share this content with any meaningful LinkedIn groups.


Layered targeting found in LinkedIn enables easy connection with the proper audience. The analytics offered within LinkedIn, offers an impressive measure of depth to aid you in tracking the potency of your sponsored content.

These include:

  • Cost Per Click
  • Impressions
  • Social action
  • Rate of click-through
  • Demographics

On the page of the company, it is possible to compare the results of paid campaigns with posts that are non-sponsored to evaluate how they measure up to each other. Using this information, you will be aware of what content is preferred by your LinkedIn audience such that you can re-think on strategy which will move forward to enhance engagement.

  • Doing research on audience:

LinkedIn is not simply a tool for connecting with other prospects of B2B. Those professionals you wish to target are on social network daily, engaging one another, sharing about troubling points, discussing solutions, posing questions and offering crucial insight.


You need to connect with potential customers or clients and review content of pages of such prospective, company pages, etc. Thus, you can gain access to what they are sharing within discussions, groups and posts.


When you devote some time, you will discover less known pain points and interest points, which can make interaction easier both offline and online.

These are some aspects about internal marketing via LinkedIn.

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