Top Benefits of Using Advertising by PPC

Top Benefits of Using Advertising by PPC

PPC advertising has many compelling advantages. Whether one is trying to impress this upon a boss or any client, there are some powerful benefits.

To start with, PPC helps in:

  • Offering quick entry
  • Easy tracking and measuring of results
  • Working well with other channels of marketing
  • Providing a wealth of beneficial data

PPC (PayPer Click) can have a positive and major influence on most brands and businesses. If, as yet, you are not doing any marketing by PPC, you are likely to lose out on valuable revenue and traffic.PPC management services India help you to avoid this loss.

Here are some top reasons to use PPC:

  • It contributes to goals of business

This is perhaps the most compelling reason to use PPC. It can help you realize many marketing and business goals. Goals range from brand exposure of high level and lead submission to e-commerce sale or thought leadership. It is possible to track any type of conversion goal. Thus, PPC is a potent tool to align drivers of website traffic towards the final goals.

The era of thought leadership and content marketing enables PPC to enhance the middle ground of serving and nurturing the middle of the sales funnel via downloads of advertising content, seeking contest entries, sign-ups of newsletters and nudging downloads of apps.

PPC offers support for many parts of the sales funnel and the road taken by prospective customers from being aware of the brand to the role of customer. PPC campaigns can be set up with efficiency, whatever be the set of identified goals.

  • PPC can be tracked and measured

An important advantage of PPC advertising is that it is easy to monitor and track. Just make use of the AdWords tool combined with Google Analytics. Details of high performance such as clicks, impressions and conversions will be viewable. In other channels of marketing, there is no such clear picture of linking of budget to direct results.

 While sending PPC traffic to dedicated landing pages and tracking it till conversion by making use of Google Analytics, you are clearly able to see the quantum of your expenditure and how much it impacted achieving of goals. No magazine ad or bill boardadvertising can provide this.

  • Fast entry

You may be several years behind competitors in jumping on to the PPC bandwagon, but you can get it up and running fast, using some basic optimization. In contrast, SEO efforts take lots of attention to detail and time in order to get the similar type of traffic and positioning which AdWords provide within minutes since launch.

In comparison to other channels such as social media and e-mail, you get the benefit of targeting people who are not aware of your brand and are not limited to your loyal followers or lists of customers. Thus, with PPC, you can cast a wider net to find fresh customers and clients.

Another bonus is that major portion of the work is completed within the advertising platform of PPC- from doing research to building campaign to writing of ads. You can get started with very less involvement of your development team apart from helping set up conversion tracking.

  • Control in your hands

You will gain control over a wide range of options to reach potential customers, whatever be the default settings of the ad campaign. This begins with placements or keywords you wish to target and how restrictive you desire to be.

In case you want to begin small, there are wide options for flexibility of budgets. You can set your own ad bids and budgets and select what you wish to spend, though this might be required to be close to market rate.

 You can scale up at once if you witness pouring in of results. Even if you want a break, you can pause and cease your ad spend at once. This is hard to do with other on-going campaigns for marketing, providing the advantage of flexibility to move or pause.

The algorithm and AdWords auction of Google has the final word on the positioning of your ads and your expenditure in comparison to competitors.

The best part is that you are flexible to do fast edits and optimize while ads are running and to try fresh tests even on a daily basis. In comparison to other advertising mediums, there is no long cycle from the point of edit to deployment.

All said and done, PPC has proved to be a profitable and reliable channel for many businesses and companies.

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