Top Dangers of Shutting Down PPC Accounts

Top Dangers of Shutting Down PPC Accounts

Sometimes, clients decide to discontinue services of their paid search ad agencies. In some cases, they allow their paid accounts to run with very less monitoring or even stop the campaign altogether.

This decision may be made because of various motivations. In some cases, companies are facing production issues and wish to suspend advertising temporarily since they are unable to cater to booming orders generated by the ads. In other cases, companies may be overwhelmed by sheer number of inquiries. Sometimes, it is simply intended as a measure for cutting costs.

Here are some negative impacts of untimely shutting down of a PPC campaign:

Costs of clean-up

When companies approach ad agencies to stop their campaigns and return to them after sometime, asking them to restore the campaign, it will take creation of a completely new campaign. The PPC Company will have to return to the drawing board and spend a lot of time combing through all account settings and making adjustments. In many cases, it is easier to design a new campaign from scratch.

As cleaning up of ad campaigns or designing new ones involves much time and effort, they are costly exercises. In some cases, cost is much more than if the original campaign was allowed to continue without shutting it down.

Wasted expenditure on ads

In case an ad account is left to run on its own, mostly unsupervised, it does not take long for emergence of inefficiencies. One prominent way for this is through wastage in ad spend. The PPC managers monitor accounts of clients daily and are on lookout of immaterial PPC traffic. Thus they are regularly weeding out search terms which are attracting non-target visitors. Or else, companies have to pay for immaterial clicks.

When you don’t have such a weeding out process, it will result in wasted expenditure on PPC campaigns. Hence your cost saving attempts to pause professional account management result in extra expenditure.

Losing advantage of ‘first mover’:

Almost on a weekly basis, new AdWords features are introduced by Google as also refining of existing ones. In case you closely monitor such changes, you can always exploit them to your advantage. But in case you are not paying attention or pausing your PPC campaign, you will miss out on such opportunities. For instance, when you re-open your PPC account, you may find that you may have passed up ‘first mover’ advantage.

Inferior automatic adjustments

Changes in AdWords pose other problems for PPC accounts which are not managed actively. Common practice of Google in AdWords is to announce changes and then specify a deadline for corresponding adjustments. If you miss such deadlines, Google may make the adjustments on its own. But such adjustments may not be as per your liking-leaving you at a disadvantage.

Missing opportunities

It is not a pleasant experience for marketers to open an account of a client, which is unmonitored and note missed opportunities. This is mostly the case with elements being tested. For instance, when you are testing various headlines, they may all perform equally well or not, but in some cases, one of them might out- perform all others. But you would have lost the opportunity as you have you have stopped managing the account.

These are all some losses incurred by stopping your PPC campaign too soon.

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