Top Five Mistakes to Avoid During Email Marketing Conversion

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Top Five Mistakes to Avoid During Email Marketing Conversion

Make your email marketing conversion rate better by getting more email subscribers. To effectively utilize email marketing method for expanding your business, you must avoid the following mistakes consciously.

1. Not Being Familiar with Email Conversion Rates

The first thing you must do to improve your conversion rate is to know about the historical and current state of things. Yes, it may sound simple and basic, but many entrepreneurs tend to overlook this point.

You must measure to know about the progression. How to achieve this? Start from your website and categorize the visitors. Once you have separated the subscriber list, you can then start tracking.

Place a pixel in the Thank you page and measure the conversion rate. Set Goals in Google Analytics to track email conversions.  When you are not familiar with the conversion rate measuring technique, then you cannot be successful in email marketing

2. Lack of Split Testing

When you do not split test your emails, you cannot understand the various factors that affect your email conversions.

Make use of Split testing to verify every element of your email marketing movement. Including optin forms, subject lines and the CTAs can have an impact on your conversion rate either directly or otherwise. Split tests can help you know the most appropriate results by testing one element of your email campaign at a given time. It will help you to get some idea of what the subscribers will respond to.Also, you can know which version of the campaign can drive the maximum percentage of people to complete the required action.

Take help from the best search engine marketing agency in India to use the Conversion Rate Optimization tool for split testing.

3. Failing to Implement High-Converting Optins

When you use a poor performing optin form, then it hurts the results obtained from the email marketing campaigns. Many variables decide in making a high-converting optin, but most of the time only a generic form is used.

While the web contains many optins asking for same info, people do not give importance to them. So, you must customize the optin form and make sure people do not ignore them for the best results.

Currently, Optin Monster has many useful features and helps in for creating a personalized optin form.You can give it a try.

4. Not Having Proper Engagement with Customers

You can quickly build email subscribers, but properly engaging them is the key to marketing success.  You must gain trust to convert your leads to potential clients. Create a lead nurturing campaign with relevant information at the right time to attract customers.

Make use of the tools offered by email marketing solutions to lead nurture email subscribers by automating your emails depending on the specific actions taken by your leads.

5. Being Stringent In Giving Incentives To Subscribers

You must know the excellent ways to offer incentives.Some motivation is required for customers to sign up for your site. Everyone wants to know how they can benefit out of any deal.  You can offer free time-saving cheat sheets, e-book, etc. You can also offer discount codes on purchasing your service or product. Think of any creative way to provide incentives without pinching your hands.


Only when you know the rate of email conversion, you can progress further. So, try to avoid all the five mistakes mentioned above and strategically make your email marketing campaign bring you more business.

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