Top Internet Marketing Ideas For 2018

Internet Marketing Ideas 2018

Top Internet Marketing Ideas For 2018

You may be aware that you can be better compared to your competition. However, you need to let clients and customers realize this fact.

Here are some top tips to get more notice, attentions, clicks, calls, and ultimately, sales as per internet marketing company in India:

  • Video for marketing

Get your users attracted by a 30 to 40 second sales pitch which will totally outline your product or service. Include background music, captions, voiceovers, images, etc. Post the video to Facebook, You Tube, LinkedIn, your website etc.

  • Email marketing

Design and build up your mailing list with the original e-mail marketing program. With ease, add to your mailing list, dispatch newsletters and most crucial, design an opt-in form to gather e-mails. The cost of this depends on the size of the list.

  • Google reviews

Companies love happy customers. So, double the value by getting customers to post reviews, which help to set you apart.

  • Making site mobile-friendly

Make your site optimized for good visitor experience in all devices.

  • Affiliate marketing and advertising

In case, you use AdSense or contextual ads on your website, try to optimize them. Don’t just include them in your website and leave them. Change the colours, layout, content and position around them.

Use affiliate programs after your website has begun receiving some quality traffic. Based on your niche, affiliate programs are a superior way to convert your traffic compared to all other methods of advertising like banners, contextual networks, etc.

  • Newsletter and RSS marketing

Do not rely only on RSS feeds. Many users are traditional and prefer e-mail newsletters. You must offer this option.

Another great tactic for newsletters is to provide a periodic e-mail digest with top stories in a certain period like a month or week. Chances may be that your visitors missed a few interesting articles.

  • Analytics technique of marketing

You must devote attention to statistics of your website. For this, install a good tool for analytics like Google Analytics. Apart from absolute statistics and numbers, go deeper for a comprehensive analysis like pattern of navigation, ratio of new to returning visitors, etc.

Constantly monitor your logs, server stats and referrers. Attempt to respond to articles and links which reference your website. This is another dedicated mode to market your website, in an indirect fashion.

Conduct a survey of your visitors. Understand what your demographics and audience are. Work hard to enhance your readership regarding business goal of your website. Do a constant re-survey.

Do research on your market and always stay abreast of your competition. Look out for issues like keyword density, external/ internal linking, Google page rank, headers, layout and design as well as any new services.

  • Begin a blog

Using a blog, one can share one’s insights and provide the information being sought by customers and visitors, such that they will contact you. Compose long or short posts in minutes, including photos to emphasize your message. Then multiply your value by sharing blog with social media, e-mail list or persons interested in the topic.

These are all some top internet marketing ideas for 2018.

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