Top Lessons Learnt from SEO Results of 2014

Top Lessons Learnt from SEO Results of 2014

Top searches of 2014 have been compiled by Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other organizations. The list consists of everything from top news of celebrities to tech news and information that people from round the world searched for. Comprehending why a particular thing was searched so many times is not always simple, but it definitely helps to improve your marketing planning.

Being your well wisher, we would like to share certain insights and lessons that we learnt from 2014 top searches. You can use the thoughts shared in this article to improve your marketing strategy for the year 2015.

  • Mobile Browsing can no longer be ignored!

Nowadays, with the immense popularity of smart phones and easy access to mobile internet, most of the people are searching for information using their handheld devices. Google has realized its importance and has started including “mobile-friendly” tag in its search results.

Mobile-friendly sites are a key if you want your products and services to be searched more number of times.

  • Invest in Great Quality Content

Investment in good quality content has paid off very well to businesses, marketers and organizations. All wrote content on the late Robin Williams, the Sochi Olympics, The predictions on the World Cup, MH370 and other important events. But did we read all of it? No, we read, shared and liked only the content that gave us the right kind of information.

Great content is always that users are eyeing for, this definitely adds a good value to your brand.

  • Relevancy of Social Media

Social media plays a great role in changing or influencing the way consumers think. For instance, see the impact of The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, the iPhone 6 Plus and the World Cup. All these events have enjoyed such great response from the public due to their phenomenal success on the social media.

For businesses and marketers, it is important to focus on Social Media Marketing as it will help them to get engagement from new and old customers. Social listening is a crucial first step in this regard.

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