Top SEO Tools Used By Google

SEO Tools

Top SEO Tools Used By Google

Rise to the top by using these SEO tools that can help to improve your visibility of online business and boost the Google rankings.In case of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), there are many tools offered by Google – the search engine giant. Some of the seo tools may feel like less important or lightweight. Nevertheless, they have some good reasons for using.

Here are some top SEO tools of Google familiar to every professional SEO company in the USA:

Chrome Lighthouse

This lighthouse is a light version of a tool for site review. Currently, it provides feedback on ten SEO metrics. This lighthouse tool may also be downloaded and set up in Chrome in the form of an extension. Lighthouse has limited scope, but it features picture of ten metrics which are valuable to Google.

Ten metrics include:

  • Title element
  • Viewport meta tag
  • Meta description
  • Links featuring descriptive text
  • Status code of HTTP
  • Page status for indexing and crawling
  • Validates rel=canonical
  • Validation of Hreflang
  • Ascertains whether document avoids plug-ins of browser.
  • Validation of legibility of font in mobile devices

Why to use-

Some dismiss Chrome Lighthouse as an insignificant tool for site review. However, one must consider that it is a crucial tool as it focuses on ten metrics of Google, which you should be searching for. In case, Google finds such metrics to be important, you should also do the same.


TestMySite is a site auditing tool which offers 2 metrics:

  • Calculated loss of visitors due to slow loading time on device
  • Calculation of loading time on 3G network

This is a great tool for garnering a fast snapshot of the website’s speed health. It is a good metric for a starting point. This tool may also be used to e-mail a full report which includes suggestions for speeding up one’s specific webpage. But you must also signup for a newsletter.

Why to use?

The same information can be garnered by also making use of Page Speed Insights. But TestMySite is an excellent shortcut for getting a thumbnail outline of speed of a webpage. In case you desire granular details about what requires fixing, then proceed to Page Speed Insights of Google, which is the next tool.

Page Speed Insights

It is an online tool which offers a score and particular tips for speeding up a webpage. It informs you about the style sheets and scripts that are causing your webpage to slow down, which images may be too huge and many such tips for quick loading of your website and web pages.

Why to use?

This tool provides useful solutions for concealed technical issues that are impacting on page speed. It is also a resource for gaining understanding about such issues. Every highlighted issue connects to a Google developer’s page which provides exhaustive information about the issues.

Safe Browsing Test

Any malware on a site can be tested or identified by this tool. Another bonus is that this tool helps reveal last date of testing of the website. This metric may be of some importance to some stakeholders. How often a site is updated may impact how often the site is crawled.

Why to use?

Even if information on last updating of site may not be important, this tool provides valuable information on whether it contains malware and how often the site has been crawled.

These are the top tools used by Google for SEO.

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