Twitter 140-Character Limit Will Not Irritate You Anymore

Twitter 140-Character Limit Will Not Irritate You Anymore

The biggest problem of Twitter has been its 140 character limit which irritates many Twitter users, especially marketers. Earlier where adding usernames, video, photo, and GIFs to your tweets took a huge bite of your precious 140 characters become history now.

On 19th September Twitter announced it was going to officially roll out some big changes to loosen its 140-character limits. Following are the things will not count as a character while tweeting

  1. Media Attachments:

Twitter becomes so annoying when you want to post any photo or video and it start showing the red numbers on your tweet indicates you have no more space to add your attachment. You are crunched for space every time. You have to compromise with your text and less than stellar copy in your text for extreme briefness.

But thanks to Twitter who now gives you the freedom to add images, video, GIFs or polls with no extra character. Twitter is providing you more character, so use them strategically and wisely.

  1. Quote Tweets And Retweeting Yourself:

Whether you want to retweet your own tweets or quote another user’s Tweet, now Twitter will no longer take away from your 140-character count. So being a Twitter user, now you have no need to worry about the character limits anymore.

  1. What isn’t changing:

In case you have no idea, following are the things will still count towards your twitter character limit:

  • Links
  • Text copy
  • Emojis
  • Hashtags

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