Upcoming Trends in Social Media Marketing

Upcoming Trends in Social Media Marketing

India is recently being considered as a fastest growing economy due to its ever changing nature in the digital world. The upcoming trends in social media are holding grounds and many changes have been observed since past few years.  Social media enhances the user experience and also strives to make it unique and perfect for the every single user.

social media marketing trends

The social media optimization agencies in India work strategically. The kind of trends that are going to hit the following year is fairly difficult to predict, however, by looking at the past occurrences, it would be safe to say that some of them are apparent and inevitable. Look at these upcoming trends that would help you to boost your business.

  1. Customer Service Chatbots: All the latest brands stepping into the market turns to chatbots when it comes to customer care and customer service resources. Chatbots is used by various social media giants like Facebook or different communication platforms like Slack or Allo, in order to provide quick responses. It facilitates the communication process and reduces the response time on the large scale. The increased use of chatbots is considered to be the most interesting social media trend.
  2. Make Continuous Use of Paid Content: The consistent users of YouTube would know how notorious it is with its algorithms. The basis of good content is that the user shall feel entertained and satisfied while enjoying reading. It was in 2016, when Instagram introduced its algorithm, and ever since that every major social media networking site has been showing significance to content management. With the increasing need of attractive and quality rich content, it really matters if it is paid or organic.
  3. Live Video Platforms: In 2016, social media giant Facebook introduced a bomb named Facebook Live. Since then people are consuming videos like anything and after all most of us like a sneak peak, gossips to our favorite TV shows, celebrity interviews, and movies. Consider these little tidbits as a trend that would create a perfect amount of uproar among the large and enthusiastic masses who are just clamoring for quality content. A large number of companies are implementing the live video feature to promote their products and services and impact the minds of people.
  4. Social Messaging: A study shows that in February 2016, WhatsApp has reached its one billion marks and it has proven the fact that people over the year have switched to private social media messaging. Most of the companies are cashing in on this raging and growing trend of social messaging so intensely that the New Year would see the radical shift from social network to social messaging apps. It could be a great e-commerce opportunity for companies as well.

 The world is changing with these new social media trends and hence, it is a pertinent part. Almost every single day the brand changes as the platform change its style and this would be an innovative way of making social media more effective and efficient.

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