How To Use Social Media Profiles To Garner Links?

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How To Use Social Media Profiles To Garner Links?

Using social profiles of personnel or company for generating links is a controversial subject. Some regard it as downright misleading and spammy, particularly, when a social media profile is created for main purpose of garnering links.

Even though there are dubious marketers out there to twist the aim of profiles, there are still genuine ways of using social media profiles to gain links. Marketing services from Outsourcing Technologies, a leading social media marketing company in the USA, will do the trick.

It is quite feasible to feature real profiles which do a sharing of your background, accomplishments and other information rather than just a means to find you online.

Featuring online profiles on major websites and social networks, visits by your core audience is not only vital for online visibility but it can enlarge your business and organically translate to additional inbound links towards your content.

Here are top ways to garner links:

  • Reach audience via profile of executives

When you connect with a real person, there results more engagement and better trust compared to activities carried out using a company profile.

Most online users learn to ignore requests and messages from brands on social networking sites mainly because there are too many companies out there attempting to attract customers to purchase their products and share their content.

In this process, personal connections begin to matter. Network building may be used as a mode to share content on an individual basis, but some work must be done to build up the relationship.

In case of some digital marketers, they log into personal profiles of executives to add connections or friends or keep abreast of existing contacts in order to build up relationships. This aids in getting executives of the industry to know each other. This can lead to a reciprocal relationship of promoting and sharing each other’s content. Potential drawback is that if the executive is not kept in the loop about the marketing campaign, it will lead to confusing scenarios.

  • Connect with technical people

Majority of persons are active on basic social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. But there exist several other niche forums and networks, which are commonly used on a daily basis by those deeply connected to a particular industry.

One must attempt to locate such online communities and get involved, further. Such sites feature discussions and questions which are deeper, leading to more opportunities for building trust and attracting more people to your content. Examples of such sites are: Reddit which features hundreds of ‘subreddits’ or threaded discussion boards regarding particular topics.

Since these are specialized technical forums, it is not good to dive in and begin spamming discussions with your links. Instead, attempt integrating with a community by getting involved, answering questions, and staying active and completing profiles. You must share content only if it is useful to the audience.

  • Use Facebook ads to promote content

When there is concise and clear targeting, there is lower ad spend and higher user interest. Exact industries or interests must be targeted and you must ensure that description and content title expresses how content is beneficial for targets. When ads become more visible, you will observe a trend in more natural links as users who see your ads share content with others.

These are some tips on how to use social media to gain links.

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