PPC Packages

PPC Packages and Pricing

At Outsourcing Technologies, we offer affordable PPC packages to meet the changing needs of small, medium and large businesses. You can choose from the PPC packages we offer. As a leading Per Pay Click company in the USA and India, we offer high quality PPC services at a competitive price. Our PPC services include search advertising, display advertising and re-marketing. We are experts in bringing quality traffic to your website with our pay-per-click services.

Benefits of PPC

  • You can achieve Instant Rankings & Results
  • Branding: you can have attractive descriptions in your ads
  • Instant Updates: Keywords can be deleted, added or updated instantly.
  • Analytics: ROI, Cost per lead and acquisition can be calculated.
  • Product launches: new products can be advertised instantly with PPC
  • Ranking on Competitive terms can be achieved instantly.
  • Targeting specific geography, languages etc.
  • Budget Flexibility.
  • Choose appropriate keywords & know their search volume.

Our Pay Per Click Plans

PPC Silver PPC Gold PPC Platinum
(Google Adwords, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook)
Any 1 Network
(Google Adwords, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook)
Any 2 Network
(Google Adwords, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook)
Multiple Networks

Our Services Includes

Campaign Setup
  • Text Ads
  • Banner Ads
  • Geo Targeting Setup
  • Conversion Tracking
Campaign Management
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Keyword Optimizations
  • Ad Copy Optimization
  • Keyword Bid Optimization
Value Adds
  • ROI Analysis
  • Landing Page Optimization
Analytics Setup
  • Google Analytics Setup
Reports & Supports
  • Reports
  • Support
  • Dedicated Account Manager

Our PPC Process

Pre-Analysis Work

Objective Understanding and Business Model study - Under this step we understand the objectives of the campaign in close consultation with the Client and get an in-depth understanding of the client's business model and business requirements.

Keywords form the core of any PPC campaign. Based upon the business requirement, campaign objectives, we research keywords and short list Converting Keywords based on their search volume & PPC Competition.

A well written ad copy increases the CTR of your Campaign as well as helps in improving the ROI by providing relevant and accurate information to the visitor. A significant amount of experimentation is required before achievement of optimal Keywords.

A Good creative allows the branding for your company to stand out, attract attention & familiarize your target audience with your product or services. Display advertising helps to create an initial interest which can turn out to be a potential conversion.

We make sure to understand the behaviour of people spending time on the website when they click on the PPC ads. We make sure to track the conversions or events that would benefit the business in generating revenue.

Remarketing campaigns allow businesses to show online ads to people who have previously visited their website or mobile app.With remarketing, we create highly targeted ad campaigns depending on which sections of your site a user visited, or even show ads if they take an action on the website.

PPC provides different types of ads to choose from : We make sure to provide you with consultation in regards to the ads to be implemented to get the best results.

  • Search – Ads
  • Display – Ads
  • Video – Ads
  • App – Ads
  • Smart – Ads
  • Discovery –Ads

Implementation Process

  • Creation of Ad Groups
  • Adding the Ad copies
  • Keywords Implementation
  • Location Targeting
  • Budget allocation
  • Audience Targeting
  • Creation of Conversion actions
  • Implementing the bidding strategy

On-Going Campaign Management

Campaign management would involve a host of different steps and analytical techniques like -

  • CTR Management
  • A/B split testing
  • Campaign ROI analysis
  • Campaign Ads and keyword tweaking and Campaign Reporting
  • Creating extensions for better message deliverability
  • Search Term review to avoid unwanted clicks

Not Sure Where To Start?

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