Pay Per Click (PPC) – Management & Advertising Services in India

Boost your ROI – Higher Conversion rate at lower cost per acquisition.

We provide customized and targeted paid search optimization solutions, especially to boost your ROI. We understand the necessity of conversions and know how to reach the target market by following PPC advertising techniques correctly, which helps us to provide 100% client satisfaction. We will create a tailored accessible profit making PPC according to your need.

Our PPC Services

Search Advertising

One of the most crucial channels of advertisement is search advertising.

Display Advertising

Digital marketers are given massive power by display advertising in the kind of extraordinary accomplishment.

Search Display Remarketing

The smart technique of advertisement of remarketing allows you to prove promotions to users who are the former visitors to your website.

Pay per click management is also referred to as cost per click, an online paid advertising model, which is used to drive traffic to websites, in which advertisers pay to the publishers when the ad is clicked. In simple terms, it is a process of gaining traffic by advertisement on search engines. Our services are customized based on the requirements of our clients, their goals, which involve detailed analysis reports with the help of monitoring strategies and specialized tool, i.e. Google Pay Per Click tool, spyfu, SEMRush.

As a committed team of PPC professionals, we analyze the most relevant competitive keywords which are usually searched by customers and accordingly provide you with valid bidding guidance. Under our paid search advertising ,our Adwords management company in India try to position your ad on the web in such a way that it helps to maximize your site visibility.

We are the best Pay Per Click Management & Advertising service providers (Google Certified Partners, India):

Our SEO Company believes to give white hat SEO link building services to our esteemed clients, which will ensure to keep our clients out of bad neighborhoods & consistently on 1st page.

  • Initial Analysis and Goal Setting: We structure a competitive industry analysis to enhance all of your advertising campaign. Once we have set up your goals and a plan of action, we launch your campaign and start driving new traffic to your website.
  • Keyword Research: We work on to research keywords and phrases, on which we can bid, conduct competitor analysis. Also, we follow best practice to ensure the campaign is having right keywords.
  • Creating Ad Copies: We do A/B testing and find optimized ad copies result best for your website.
  • Landing Pages Analysis: Our Pay Per Click experts will help you make optimized landing page and its content that leads you reach targeted goal. We suggest creating landing pages based on conversion rate optimization.
  • Cost and Budget for campaigns: When you choose, how much you need to spend every month, then we control the PPC bid management process accordingly.
  • Execute conversion tracking: We work on to generate codes to aid in tracking conversions from your pay-per-click marketing campaign which further helps you get improved ROI.
  • Remarketing: We also work to retarget your existing customers or the customers who have already purchased your products or services from you.
  • PPC Monthly Analysis: We provide month-end analysis reports of campaign performance and develop written documentation to send it to the respective clients.
  • Assessment and Recommendations: We suggest and implement ad campaign improvement, changes to ad copy, keyword list modifications to improve the quality score and bid adjustments.

Why Choose Outsourcing Technologies for PPC Optimization & Management services?

1. We are a Google certified Partner in India, who will help you reach your targeted goal.

2. We have managed over 100 PPC ad campaigns.

3. We have a team of qualified Google AdWords specialists to manage your PPC accounts.

4. We follow the best practices ethically with advanced PPC techniques.

5. We help you get higher conversion rate at lower cost per acquisition.

6. We offer our clients free Google AdWords promotional code.

7. We offer reasonable Pay Per Click pricing.

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