Google Launched New Spam Algorithm on July 26 This Year to Uproot Link Spam

Google link spam algorithm

Google Launched New Spam Algorithm on July 26 This Year to Uproot Link Spam

Google recently launched a new spam algorithm on July 26, 2021, to fight the link spam more efficiently and uproot the pertaining issue for once and all. The new algorithm update targets link with spammy contents more badly without any bound to languages, said the Google Search Quality Analyst, Duy Nguyen.

The announcement made by the Google

While announcing their new spammy link algorithm update, Google mentioned that “in their continued efforts of improving the search results quality, they are launching a new update in algorithm to combat the pertaining issue of spammy link.”

The giant even mentioned that the new Google Search link spam update rolling out in two weeks would more effectively identify the link spam and nullify them without any bound to languages. In the course of action, the websites involved in link spam will see a broad change “Search” as those websites will be reassessed by their new algorithms.

The spammy link will be nullified

Google has announced not to penalize the spammy link instead nullify it or simply ignore it to include in search results. It has been one of the main strategies since Penguin 4.0 was launched in the year 2016. Thus, Google is certainly not going to penalize such websites with link spam. Instead, it is simply going not to count them in.

The act of nullifying may seem like a penalty to many websites

Google has undoubtedly mentioned that it will not penalize websites indulging in spammy link. On the contrary, it will simply ignore them not to count them in search results. Well, according to this, the giant has outlined the difference between penalizing and nullifying. However, this difference may seem like a penalty to many websites as they would be losing a great chunk from their visibility and Google Search ranking.

Why should you care about this new update?

Everyone who indulges in spammy links should bother about this new update if your website seems to be dropping its ranking within the coming two weeks. This downfall is due to the new link spam update in the algorithm. Given that, you should make sure that your links are organic, following the guidelines of Google webmaster.

The giant further added that ‘the website owner should follow best practices on incoming and outgoing links.’ The website owner’s primary target should be improving the content quality and user experience. Google further added that the owners should promote awareness of their websites by using natural tagged links only.

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