How Content Marketing Helps Your Business to Get More Customers?

How Content Marketing Helps Your Business to Get More Customers?

In today’s digital world, markets are flooded with advertisements. Every company spends million of rupees in advertisement annually. What do they get from it? I would say nothing more than just a promotion. As a result, businesses struggle to get their corporate message noticed by consumers. Custom content council brought the fact in 2011 which showed that more than 70 percent of  online users think that articles are the best way to get information rather than corporate advertisements. In today’s time, every business is relying on content marketing to get more leads and customers. Whether it’s Social Media, SEO, PPC, ORM etc. all the digital marketing demands a good content to showcase the product or service. Latest Google algorithm panda update also is in the favor of content marketing. Content marketing is the method of creating and distributing impressive, engaging content that is helpful,entertaining and informative to potential customers.

Now two questions come to mind that 1) what should be the content marketing strategy ?and2) How can content marketing agencies help business to get more customers?

Content marketing strategy  is a detailed plan of your key business, customer needs and how you will you use content to address them.There is no as such rule for building a content marketing strategy. Each business is different, so are the demands, objectives and goals.

There are five components that you should commonly include:

Set your demands:

While choosing a content marketing service for your business,it is to come up with the requirement for your business. What kind of content you will focus on? Do you need content for the website, blog, image or social media.

Business objectives:

While selecting  a content marketing service for your business first set the goals you want to achieve through the content program. Also add the unique value you are looking to provide to your customers. You should  also  outline the obstacles and opportunities you may encounter as to execute your plan.

Prospective customers and content maps:

Describe the target audiences for whom you will create content, what are their needs, demands, preferences and what their content engagement cycle might look like. You may also want to map out the content you can deliver throughout their buyer’s journey in order to move them closer to their goals.

Brand story: This is a time to showcase your brand equity. Characterize your content marketing in terms of what is your USP, specialties and how you are different from the others. You should really think out of the box.

  • Your channel plan: This includes the online platforms you will use to tell your story; whether it is a blog, social media or any other. It is related to what should be your criteria, processes, and objectives are for each one; and how you connect with people there so they create a consistent brand conversation.

What can content marketing service do?

Lead generation:

If the content you provided is impressive and eye catching definitely it will help to get more and more contact details to your website. Whether out of an interest in the product or simply a desire to get to more content.

Social reach and branding:

Often, high-quality content that update and impress the followers of social media get more share, likes, and tag. So by taking advantage of this trend, a business can increase its prominence.

Image and video development:

Consistency in showcasing the high-quality image and video allows businesses to establish themselves as thought leaders, which strengthens the corporate brand. It also reflects the company’s professionalism which wins the customer trust and loyalty.

Customer development:

Content that offers information as per consumer wants and needs, connects the customer to the company for the long term. By consistently updating engaging content, companies generate interest in their website and persuade users to return.

Storytelling is just awesome:

Storytelling builds memory for the readers. It is also a natural motivator. A good content builds emotional relationship with the reader. Storytelling makes content exciting and have the capability to make an old thing new.

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